rpozz's stuff

Here is a list of all the software I have written or partially written. I haven't written for RISC OS in a while, and I doubt that I will in the future, so here it is. Some of this stuff is incredibly old, and some has been released elsewhere. Despite what it may say in the Help file, this stuff is all freeware. Help yourselves. Source should be available.

Ad0be Potatoshop1.00A Mr Potatohead thing.
ASCII Paint1.00Painting with text. Can be used to make signatures.
BinEdit1.00Edit a number by clicking on the individual bits in binary. Incredibly useful for flags.
Loose Change1.00An archaic program used for calculating the value of loose coins.
CND - Create Nice Directory1.00Create directories with icons.
Clipboard1.00A very simple program which allows the user to store blocks of text and paste them into any editor by clicking a toolbar button.
Font List1.00Creates a font list in Impression DDF format.
InetLog1.00Very simple utility to log all the time you've been on the internet.
Keyboard Utils1.00A univeral keyboard hotkey driver which supports drivers. Uses the patching code in the version provided by Stuart Tyrell. He gave me permission to use it a while ago.
Mouse Sprites1.00A program which changes the cursor as it touches different window decorations.
PC2Arc1.00Converts DOS text format to RISC OS/UNIX text format.
Phone1.00A phone dialler application.
Save Sprites1.00A program for saving ROM, RMA and system sprites to disk.
SEFE - Self-Extracting File Encryption1.00Encrypt files into a self-extracting executable..
ShortCut1.00A simple utility to create short cuts to applications.

PrintMate1.00A frontend to Roger Gammons's LPR driver, which has been optimised for use with PrintMate boxes (ie mini printer servers).
TelnetD1.00A telnet daemon for RISC OS which can run several different services.
Wide Screen 22.04A powerful virtual desktop - uses a support module written by Richard Wilson.

ReklaimAlphaIntelligent disassembler. Horrific code and unfinished, but maybe it would interest some people.
ImageFilterAlphaSimple graphics program for simple image manipulation. Again, horrific code and unfinished.

If you have any questions or anything, you can contact me at - rpozz at yahoo dot com.